Practical and Powerful Techniques For Rapid and Integrated Self-Empowerment, Healing and Progressive Spiritual Development

Smile, relax, breathe right, and remember the Universe!

This website has been created as a doorway to the healing resources, universal wisdom teachings and practical techniques representing a progressive, balanced and integrated path of complete self healing and empowerment.

Logan works within an all-inclusive holistic approach to self-healing and awakening that is open to all paths that lead to Truth and limited by none, free from dogma, sect or creed and focused on the direct experience of Universal Truth Within. His teachings include the use of leading edge scientific research and understanding, neuroplasticity (the ability for the mind to change the brain) ancient tantric, daoist, and yogic techniques, cultivation of all virtues and divine qualities and living a simple spiritual lifestyle based in spiritual practice, fulfillment of soul purpose and service to humanity. Logan draws from a rich storehouse of direct experience and embodiment of higher knowledge to provide a working context and practical tools of how to lead a conscious path of integrated and progressive self healing and optimal evolution. His offerings are suited to support anyone from any walk of life or spiritual orientation to fulfill and embody more of their innate potential on all levels of their being.

Through the transmission of kundalini, prana, higher consciousness, universal love and healing energy, Logan assists many beings around the world in returning to their True Nature and Spiritual Power Within. He also assists by rapid energetic and karmic clearing of the physical, subtle and causal bodies. This helps quicken the path of self-empowerment, personal healing, conscious evolution, global service, and fulfillment of one's life and soul purpose. As an instrument of the Divine, he gently and lovingly encourages the advancement of each individuals spiritual process and evolution through integrated techniques, universal principles and energetic support.

"In Truth I really don't heal anyone or teach anything, I simply help people help themselves by finding all the support, empowerment, and techniques necessary for them to transform their own lives and fulfill their goals." -Logan

Logan travels with his work. He is currently based in Ojai, California. He offers private sessions, private couples and group sessions, classes, empowerment groups, workshops and intensive retreats. Logan guest lectures at various Colleges and Universities and is also available upon request for corporate executive and company retreats and meetings.

All of the activities of are dedicated to the full embodiment of complete health, happiness, freedom and intuitive illumination of the Divine within of all beings everywhere and to the healing, inspiration and upliftment of humanity through the self-empowerment and spiritual enlightenment of the individual.

May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy, Healthy, Free and Consciously Established in their True Nature as the One that truly they truly Be and that is All That Is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


" Logan is a tremendously bright light. He has helped me find the inspiration and courage need to keep going further on the path than I thought possible. His relentless devotion to helping others, self exploration and growth is second only to his warm heart and humble approch to seemingly huge life challenges. After being introduced to the essence of his teaching that the Teacher is within, I have felt a radical change and acceleration in consciousness. Logan is a Master healer but more importantly, a true friend. Ive never had so much fun growing. Thank you so much Logan!"

- - Alex T., Santa Cruz, CA